What is the ABMSparing Hip Technique?

ABMSparing stands for Anterior-Based, Muscle-Sparing Hip Replacement

muscleThe ABMSparing Hip Approach is a muscle-sparing approach where no muscles are cut or detached.   It is similar to the direct anterior approach without the disadvantages.

Since very little soft tissue is disturbed, hip stability is excellent, such that patients do not have to follow any hip precautions postoperatively (sitting, bending etc.).  Also, leg length discrepancy is rarely an issue, since the many instances of over-lengthening are secondary to improving hip stability.  Additionally, soft tissue will not allow enough distraction to over lengthen. 

Visualization is excellent, such that surgical positioning aids (fluoroscopy, radiographs, computer-assisted) is optional and not necessary.

Surgery can be performed in either lateral or supine position and does not require expensive modified tables.